Decision in process after required reviews completed

Engineering Review Process. The Editor-in-Chief selects peer referees upon the recommendation of the Editorial Board members or from the specialist database owned by the Editorial Board. The peer-reviewers will be blinded with respect to the name s and affiliation s of the author s. Typically, the original article of manuscript is handled by an Associate Editor who selects two investigators in the same field or most closely related field as referees according to recommendation of the Editor-in-Chief or the Editorial Board.

If decided necessary, review for statistics may be additionally requested. Acceptance of the manuscript is decided, based on the critiques and recommended decision of the referees. A referee's decision is made in four categories as "acceptance without revision", "acceptance after minor revision", "review again after revision", and rejection".

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The reviewed manuscript are returned back to the corresponding author with comments and recommended revisions. Name and individual decisions of the referees are not transmitted to the author if requested.

For papers 'accepted without revision', they are received and published as they are received. For papers 'accepted after minor revision', papers are returned to corresponding authors for minor revision. And resubmitted papers are published without another full process of peer-review but subjected to acceptable explanations for the points raised by referees. However, Editor-in-Chief may request additional review or comments on the revised paper by members of editorial board if it seems necessary.

For papers 're-review after major revision', these papers are returned to corresponding authors for full revision. And resubmitted papers are subjected to another complete review process and acceptable explanation for the points raised by referees. For the 'rejected' papers, a letter of rejection is sent to the corresponding under by the name of Editor-in-Chief with reasons for rejection.

Comments from referees are not included. The usual reasons of rejection are insufficient originality, serious scientific flaws, poor quality of illustrations, improper manuscript format or absence of massage that might be important to the intended readers. Though the peer review process may in general take three weeks after submission of the manuscript, longer review period may be needed to finalize the review process.

Revisions are usually requested to take account of criticism and comments made by referees.I'm a grad student wanting to apply motivated reasoning to the decision about my submission. The paper has said "reviews completed" for about a week. Does this at least suggest the editor is considering it? I would think negative reviews would make the job of editor easy in rejecting It likely means the editor is busy with some other aspect of your life and hasn't looked at the reviews.

It's not negative A week is not a "long time. Agree with both "1 week is not a long time" and "it means nothing. Time better spent working on another manuscript. Review completed means the journal has received the minimum number of required reviews. This means the editor has yet to copy and paste the standard rejection template into an e-mail. He is possibly busy at work, on vacation or digging a hole in a park somewhere, waiting for his pointless life to end.

It is easy to know if your paper will be rejected or not, because of what you did in the first round. You know for sure if you satisfied the reviewers or not. I have the same status for my paper now: Required Reviews Completed I am sure my paper will be accepted because I did good job.

I will let you know once I get the answer. Long time with "Reviews Completed" a good sign? How does "motivated reasoning" differ from wishful thinking? If you have the same status in two months then you know this is the case. Sorry to hear it. I got the reject now lol. Hope those keep coming for you, lol.

A year ago.Economist 47b8. Economist 4a4a. Economist c49c.

The Difference Between a VA Ratings Decision and a BVA Decision.

The status breakdown with editor, under review etc that you receive is supposed to alleviate your nauseating impatience, not offer you the opportunity to appoint yourself as an additional monitor.

If it has been 6 months since you submitted, you can ask. Otherwise just be patient. Economist d. Status update on the submission tracking says Required reviews completed, status updated more than a month ago Should I ask the editor what is going on with my submission?

Economist e. Economist 1cee. Economist 3d6c. I waited more than three months after seeing the Required Reviews Competed status. The paper got accepted and no report was even forwarded to me. Do I have any chance for accepting my paper? Economist 72db. It just means that the referees completed the second round of reviews, and the paper is waiting for an editorial decision.

Economist f I wish that the papers of all you guys may be accepted. Economist aeb2.

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Economist 13e2. Economist e3cd. It means 2 things: 1. Wait more. It may take more weeks, maybe months. Give this thread a look:. Economist 9bfd. Economist b21b.

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Economist Economist bbf8. The Editorial Office can set a specific number of reviews to be completed for a particular paper, for EES to automatically change the status to Required Reviews Completed. This number of required reviews to be completed, may be lower than the number of actual Reviewers invited. This allows for EES to automatically process the paper for the Editor to take further action.We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services.

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decision in process after required reviews completed

After submitting a revised manuscript moderate revision was requestedwhat are the steps followed? I have submitted a manuscript to a reputed journal. After making the necessary adjustments, I have resubmitted the revised manuscript back on the 14th of October In fact, I had made some readings about late reviews, I found that reviews are normally due 14 days after the invitation is accepted by the reviewer.

Should I worry about manuscript rejection? Thanks in advance for your help. Peer Review. Civil Engineering. Journal Articles. Journal Editing. Academic Journals. Applied Mathematics. Editorial skills. Scientific Publication.

Agricultural Engineering. Most recent answer. Sara Irki. Saad Dahlab University.However, till date, I have not received a decision. I have written an email to editor, who replied that the paper is waiting for the editor's decision. Is it a bad sign? Does this mean the article will be rejected? Asked on 07 Oct, It's been slightly over a month since the status changed to "Reviews completed.

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This can happen if there are a lot of manuscript queued up before yours. Your manuscript is waiting for it's turn for the editor to take a look at it and arrive at a decision based on the reviews. Don't worry, this is just standard procedure. It does not indicate either a rejection or an acceptance. You will have to wait for the decision letter to know the fate of your paper.

However, the fact that the editor has replied to your email is a sign that the journal is actively processing your paper. Keep your fingers crossed! All the best! What can I do if the status "Awaiting AE decision" has lasted for nearly four months? Answered by Editage Insights on 16 Oct, Confirm that you would also like to sign up for free personalized email coaching for this stage.

Recommended Courses. Manuscript Status. Q: My paper's status shows "Reviews completed," but I've not received a decision. Does this indicate rejection? Answer Follow this Question. Write an answer About text formats. Answer: It's been slightly over a month since the status changed to "Reviews completed. Related reading: What can I do if the status "Awaiting AE decision" has lasted for nearly four months?

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Ask a new question.Due to the need to modify our working environment, please be patient as it may take slightly longer to get back to you when you contact us. However, we are continuing to work on all client matters and continue to undertake representation of new disabled veterans. We are accepting new clients with serious disabilities at this time. The review of a DRO is de novo. It is important to remember that the DRO process is optional and is available for any rating decision where less than the full benefit has been awarded.

If the claimant does not elect the DRO, his case will proceed as a traditional appeal. There is a window of opportunity for electing the DRO. Otherwise, VA will send the claimant an election letter, advising him of the option for DRO review and affording him 60 days to make an election. If the claimant does nothing within the day period, the appeal will automatically proceed as a traditional appeal. The traditional appeal process involves the issuance of a Statement of the Case and a substantive appeal to the BVA.

If the DRO has been selected he or she will review the evidence and applicable laws de novo and make a new decision. The DRO should not give deference to the previous rating decision.

decision in process after required reviews completed

The DRO also has the authority to order additional development, conduct a hearing, if requested, or hold an informal conference.

See 38 C.

decision in process after required reviews completed

See Quirin v. Shinseki, 22 Vet. The VA adjudications manual states in relevant part:. They generally will not overturn their colleague unless you give them something different to form the basis of a new decision.

decision in process after required reviews completed

We recommend additional development of evidence and argument at the DRO stage. Some attorneys view the hearing as an important strategic tool in personalizing the claim before the VA adjudicators.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Academia Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for academics and those enrolled in higher education.

It only takes a minute to sign up. I submitted by math paper to an Elsevier journal around 6 months ago. Is this good news or bad news? Does it mean my paper is rejected and the Editor is basically preparing the rejection letter :?

It doesn't even necessarily mean that all reviews are completed. Sometimes editors invite more reviewers than is required. This message only means that the configured lower bound has been reached. You need to learn to have patience with the peer review process.

It means neither good nor bad, just that the reviews are in. You can't see further into this hole than that. This simply means the reviews are completed.

It is not good news or bad news, it simply means the reviews are available to the editor.

The Decision Review Officer Process

Hopefully you hear back soon, although frankly sometimes even at this stage it can take weeks even months! I had the same question and I got in touch with the journal editorial office and got a quick reply saying:. Upon checking, I noticed that some reviewers have yet to submit their reviews.

The status "Required Reviews Completed" shows when the required number of reviews is reached. Please note that the editor is still waiting for additional reports for your manuscript. Rest assured that you will be notified once updates are available.

So as others mentioned above, some reviews came through, maybe 2 as the minimum default on the system, and there still some to come so the editor is waiting to receive all prior to submitting a final verdict. It means just what it says on the tin - that the required reviews are complete. It says nothing about their content, and whether a paper is accepted or not, it will likely come with a number of revisions and the like from reviewers.

Manuscript Status

The editor needs to read the reviews, decide whether or not to accept the manuscript and there are several different scales between just accept and rejectcompile those comments into something coherent, etc. The only thing you can divine from that message is that it wasn't rejected without review, which is also a potential outcome of a paper submission. Based on my experience, it is a good news that you will be hearing soon from the editor regarding your paper although you might hear a bad news.

In general, it is good to get an idea about the time frame for the journal your are submitting to. This will show you the different times and acceptance rate.

I have got the same situation. I also submitted a math paper. In my case, I got this status two times. At the fist time, the handling editor required to revise the manuscript. And at the second time, the status changed to "decision in process". Finally, my paper was accepted. If you see this status after submitting the revision, it is definitely a good News. If it is after the first submission, it means that you will received the comments from the reviewers!