Radiant cut faceting diagram

In the gemological terms, facets are small polished planes arranged in a geometric pattern on a gemstone. Faceting is an art of cutting a faceted gemstone.

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It can be roughly divided into two aspects:. In this tutorial, these procedures are explained as well as a brief description of a faceting machine and a diagram. Each facet is cut by grinding a rough stone on a flat round file called a lap. The lap turns around horizontally in a faceting machine.

radiant cut faceting diagram

The rough stone is adhered to a small stick called a dop. It is seated in the quill in a faceting head. The faceting head allows the dop and rough stone to swing horizontally at a set angle. A faceting machine precisely controls these three factors with the faceting head. The index can rotate the quill and orient the stone to certain sides. The mast height controls how much to cut off.

Diagrams are blueprints of gemstone designs. They tell us to cut a rough stone at what angles on what indexes. However, a diagram does not show any direction as to how much to cut off.

The individual faceter must decide how much to cut off.

Faceting Machine Instructions

It depends on the design and the shape of the rough. This is a diagram of the standard round brilliant cut. Reference: www. To give you an idea of the steps a faceter has to follow, we are going to cut a round brilliant according to the design above. The material is dark red garnet. The diagram starts with the pavilion break facets. Let us set the angle control at 45 degrees and the index on 3.

radiant cut faceting diagram

Adjust the mast height so the rough stone barely touches the lap. Grind little by little by sweeping the rough on the lap by hand.

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When the side on the index 3 is done, move to the index Then move to 27and 75 and so on. Note that the diagram indicates the 96 index, and the interval of index numbers is 6. When you finish cutting all around the rough at the same mast height, lower the mast height a little.

Repeat this procedure until the rough looks like a cone. All the facets should evenly come to a center point. The pavilion break facets. Notice a large pit. This pit has to be removed by grinding all the facets a bit more. To cut the girdle, set the angle control at 90 degrees.The precise faceting of the Original Radiant Cut Diamond results in the creation of numerous "virtual facets" which sparkle as your hand moves.

While the beauty of the Original Radiant is best appreciated in person, we provide a video of each of our diamonds that clearly demonstrates the "pinfire scintillation" that makes each Original Radiant Cut Diamond so special. The terms "crushed ice" and "kaleidescope" are sometimes used to describe the "pinfire scintillation" created by a Radiant Cut's virtual facets. Each facet of the Original Radiant Cut must be cut on the correct angle to create just the right number and kind of virtual facets necessary to make the diamond sparkle wildly as your hand moves.

If there are too many or too few virtual facets the life can become "mushy" or uneven. No, weight and visible size are not always the same. Cutters often hide weight in the diamond in places that do not add to its beauty in order to maximize profits. In this way they can sell sell a 1. The best way to compare the visible size or two Radiant Cut Diamonds is to multiply the length times the width. This will tell you how big the diamond will appear in a ring the prongs will cover the cut corners.

Each Original Radiant Cut Diamond is guaranteed to appear as large as it should for its carat weight because we believe that if you are paying for a 1. The proper proportioning needed to create the virtual facets of an Original Radiant Cut Diamond is extremely complex. However these two measurements, which commonly appear on labaratory grading reports, do not, by themselves establish that the diamond is properly cut.

Each facet of an Original Radiant Cut Diamond is measured to ensure it meets the rigorous standards established by the inventor Henry Grossbard. Then, it must pass the most important test of all - the human eye of Stan Grossbard who personally inspects each Original Radiant Cut Diamond to ensure that it his worthy of his father's vision.

The GIA only provides a "cut grade" for round brilliant diamonds. It does not evaluate cut quality for "fancy shape" diamonds like Radiants, Cushions or Princesses.

Polish and symmetry grades are not a substitute for a cut grade, and are not even the most important criteria in evaluating cut quality. Most generic Radiant Cuts on the market with "very good" or "excellent" polish and symmetry are deficient in other ways clearly visible to the eye that cause them to fall well short of Henry Grossbard's vision. In the plain english of the inventor, they do not "spread their size and have the right "life. Our filters allow our customers to see every Original Radiant Cut Diamond that fits their budget so that they can make fully informed choices free of pre-conceived notions that might cause them to "filter out" the best diamond for them.

Radiants cut to Henry Grossbard's rigorous standards of excellence are extremely rare. The exclusivity of the Original Radiant Cut Diamond is just one of the many factors that make our diamonds so special. If you can't find an Original Radiant Cut Diamond that suits your needs listed on our site, please contact us.

We will make every effort to help locate the perfect Original Radiant for you. We offer re-cutting services for those wishing to transform their generic radiant cut into an Original. We can also re-cut traditional emerald cut diamonds into Original Radiant Cuts. Please contact us for a free re-cutting consultation.


Toggle navigation. What gives the Original Radiant Cut Diamond its extraordinary sparkle? What is meant by the terms "crushed ice" or "kaleidescope" life?If we can't tunnel through the Earth, how do we know what's at its center? What evidence does Coutu use to support her claim that improvisation requires resilience. A lady introduce her husband's name with saying by which can stop or move train what is that name.

All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Wiki User The plan for any diamond cut -- regardless of the style -- is particular to an individual stone and cannot be used on another diamond. Because the plan for a diamond cut highlights a stone's clarity and colour, while preserving its maximum carat weight.

You can read more about radiant cut, among all cuts, in the geometrical shapes tutorial, below. Related Questions Asked in Inventions Who invented the radiant cut diamond? Henry Grossbard invented the radiant cut diamond in Asked in Inventions What is a radiant cut diamond?

A radiant cut diamond is a diamond cut invented in by Henry Grossbard that infuses the rectangualar or square shape of an emerald cut diamond with the brilliance of a round diamond. Asked in Diamonds How are diamond facets cut?

Diamonds facets are cut with other diamonds or with lasers, depending on the facet. Asked in Diamonds What is a diamond facet? A diamond facet is a surface on a diamond, generally cut by a diamond cutter. Facets are flat and their purpose is to reflect light.Beginner — Any way to get your recommended first design? You mentioned on dop with CA video. Hey John, I have learned alot from looking over your cad designs. I cant wait for your new class series so I can learn the right way to facet.

With respects. Hi John I have read about your Green 3 design for closed c-axis tourmaline. Is it possible that I could get the GemCad file from you? Thanks Martine. Hi John A link from Gemology Online to your site for faceting designs has led to a dead end. Any chance of getting the designs back soon? Unfortunately, there are several projects ahead of that. So when in the new year will the designs you used to have up return? Your response above was in December. They were indeed helpful and lots of the students in the Faceting classes in Quartzsite cut them.

Just curious. I was looking for dates on your faceting class, which you used to run. Are you still doing that? We run a Resident Academy once or twice a year. For a number of reasons, we announce the Academy between 6 and 8 weeks prior to the date it will run, and I have not yet scheduled the exact dates for this year. You must be logged in to post a comment. The International Faceting Academy.

Skip to content. Faceting Diagrams This is the Faceting Diagrams page. October 18, at am.The Three Muses gemstone is a faceting design based on the number 3. These notes, diagrams, and instructions will show you how to cut your own gem.

The Gemstone Butterfly is a stunning design for a custom-cut gem. Our step-by-step guide will show you how to facet this piece and suggest some variations.

Learn how to facet this lively…. Learn how to facet these gem designs and make the stars…. The Fan Shield cut will bring out the brilliance in gems with deep color saturation. Learn how to cut this design and create dark but lively gemstones.

Gem Cutting Tutorial - Faceting a Portuguese Cut Imperial Garnet

The Pentafan is a unique cut designed for larger gems with deep color saturation. Learn how to cut this design that can make dark stones shine. Add sparkle to an emerald cut with a new cutting technique. You can apply this design to gemstones with standard proportions as well as long crystals. Here, he describes his design and gives advice for cutting….

Here, he describes his design and gives advice…. It only needs the bare minimum number of facets for a nice heart shape. All animal lovers have lost a friend at one time or another. The Mistress gem design by Jeff Graham looks like a princess cut but works well with light-colored stones. Learn more about this design for novice….

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This popular design is also fast and easy to cut. Learn about this advanced design for experienced…. Checkered hearts make popular gem cuts. However, inexperienced faceters have found it very challenging. This updated…. Professionals will also like this…. One Smith Bar gem has even found its way into the Smithsonian Institution. Learn the story behind….

This design and its cutting sequence will also accommodate stones with…. The Portuguese cut works wonderfully for very deep gemstones with high refractive indices. A rectangular redesign based on A. Introduced inthe classic princess by A. Nagy was an economical cut for flat diamond crystals.

Faceting Designs

Inspired by faceted shell and mother of pearl buttons from the Roaring Twenties, the Button design by Jeff Graham is a simple cut perfect for large,….See how we replaced these Opal inlays. In the photo below you will see the pink Sapphire which the gem dealer had purchased from a dealer in Thailand.

The gem dealer who purchased this stone could tell that it had potential if it was properly cut. He could see that the gem had a very nice pink color and it was also a very clean stone. Maybe flawless. As you can see, the shape of the stone is not symmetrical, it is windowed, and it is just poorly cut in almost every way. One of my goals, in addition to closing the window and making the stone more brilliant, is to save as much of the size of the stone as possible.

radiant cut faceting diagram

As such, I carefully take off only the amount necessary to make the shape nice. Here you can see that I have added the 4 facets at the proper angles which actually closes the window. Now you can see how much the stone is improved by the Radiant cut pattern which closes the window and improves the color and brilliance. The Beginning size of this gem was 6. The Finished size was 5. If you have any questions about re-faceting one of your gemstones, feel free to contact us for an estimate.

Click on photo for details. Re-faceting a Pink Sapphire into an emerald cut Radiant Cut In the photo below you will see the pink Sapphire which the gem dealer had purchased from a dealer in Thailand. Below, you will see photos and description of the cutting process. Before re-faceting As you can see, the shape of the stone is not symmetrical, it is windowed, and it is just poorly cut in almost every way.

The pavilion before re-faceting As you can see, the original pavilion is very deep and has an emerald cut style of cut on it. The lower 2 levels of facets are cut too shallow. I will fix that. The first new cuts The first thing I do with a stone like this is to fix up the shape and make it symmetrical.

Closing the Window Here you can see that I have added the 4 facets at the proper angles which actually closes the window.Toggle navigation.

The Grossbard Family Legacy. The world owes the beauty of the Original Radiant Cut to its inventor, master diamond cutter Henry Grossbard. His breakthrough revolutionized the industry and ushered in an era of creativity and excellence in diamond cutting. Stan is personally available to answer all of your diamond questions and help you through the shopping process. Just live chat or call him at Rediscover Radiant:. The Radiant Cut combines step-cut faceting of the Emrald Cut and brilliant cut faceting of a round stone.

Discover the Beauty of The Original Radiant vs.

Radiant cut with more defined facets, facet pattern?

Princess Meet The Radiant Woman. Its elegant brilliance makes the Original Radiant Cut the ideal choice for engagement rings, pendants, earrings, and beyond. Great Things Come in Threes. Triple The Radiance. Triple The Beauty. Dazzling Original Radiant Cut Diamonds maximize the beauty of pendants, earrings, and more.

Cut: the Crucial "C". The cut quality of your diamond is the most important characteristic affecting its beauty. A rough diamond has no brilliance at all. The faceting makes a diamond explode with brilliance. Since brilliance is what a diamond is all about, cut quality is absolutely critical in selecting the right diamond for you. Every Original Radiant Cut is unique. Each Original Radiant Cut has its own personality.