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Log in or Sign up. ToasterJeep - Jeep Renegade Forum. Turbo kit for 2. Joined: Oct 2, Messages: Location: California. Came across this the other day and haven't seen anybody mention it here. Link to the turbo kit. Does anyone know if FCA has ever used a turbocharger on this design 2. I wouldn't risk it, but I have no need for speed with my Renegade, I bought it for the MPG and mild off road capabilities JeepersNov 20, IDoMy0wnRacingMay 30, Joined: May 6, Messages: 5 Location: Midwest.

Seems maybe now with the new Turbo engine in the trailhawk the aftermarket will unlock more power soon. I think my Renegade would be about perfect if it had another 50HP. But I know that willnever happen with my 2. RenegadeDudeMay 30, Joined: Apr 6, Messages: 3 Location: washington.

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Seattle AlJun 1, DewattoJun 24, IDoMy0wnRacing likes this. Just in case anybody was following, I started a new tread. IDoMy0wnRacingSep 15, Joined: Mar 25, Messages: 3 Location: Alabama. Emily HMar 25, IDoMy0wnRacingMar 28, Newadventurer likes this.Log in or Sign up. ToasterJeep - Jeep Renegade Forum.

Has anyone done a turbo kit on a 2. Tags: 2.

rrm turbo kit dart

What are your thoughts? Was it worth it? How much of a HP increase? I'm very curious. AlltruenewsMay 10, IDoMy0wnRacing likes this. The 2. These motors have been reliably tuned to upwards of HP.

Is it worth it? That's for each person to decide on their own. Personally - not on a Renegade that I am mostly using for a daily and some trail riding. The 1. Emily H likes this. CanadianRenegade78Jun 4, DerekNewadventurer and Custm16 like this. Joined: Mar 25, Messages: 3 Location: Alabama. I am in way over my head wanting to turbocharge my Renegade.

If I do it I'll let y'all know how it goes and post videos on YouTube Road Race Motorsports sells that Dart kit which supposedly fits a Renegade. I'm highly considering it, but I'm concerned about a few things. Although the Dart and Renegade both have the 2.

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Clearance will probably be the biggest issue, although RRM claims the kit will fit my Renegade. They have apparently done it before With how much improvisation, though, I don't know.

Secondly, there is a lot that this "comprehensive" kit is missing. I would at least want to upgrade the fuel pump, injectors, and spark plugs to make it "safe".

Not to mention that it does not include a wastegate that I know of? I'm not trying to blow up my car. This is my daily driverOnly at TurboKits. Typically power like this comes at the cost of driveablitiy issues and a narrow powerband. That is not the case with the Alpha The GT3RS is the ultimate track car.

With a high revving motor, tuned suspension, and a package that can take you for the fastest lap ever, what else do you need?

Check it out!

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Proper Tuning is Key! On Sale Now!This is a complete bolt on supercharger kit for your FWD 2. Every piece of this kit is now brand new, no more used components are included. This is setup to use a stock LSJ throttle body because it is larger than the stock throttle body and will bolt right on. If you want to use your stock throttle body, you will need the following components:. Stock LSJ part modifications needed: The inlet pressure sensor hole on the LSJ m62 must be plugged or leave the sensor installed but not plugged in.

The TMap hole on the intake manifold must also be plugged or leave the factory sensor installed but not plugged in. Click here for our Performance ECM.

These kits are made per order, it can take up to weeks to ship. Everything came perfect nothing damaged, broke, kn clean packaging so I thank zzp and the post. Everything was really organized in the boxes of what goes with what. The only real thing I had a problem with is that the installation Hardware such as the main bolts are all hex head which makes it a bit of a pain.

But they work well and the threads are nice. Everything came together with about 4 days and this was my first ever time doing something this big and it was a fun project and pretty simple for the most part.

I wanted some extra horses out of my 2. Haven't had it on the dyno yet, but it is night and day difference. I'm starting to worry for my clutch with all the new power. Very thorough and well put together kit with helpful instructions and a few pictures. ZZP has terrific customer service, but it would be worlds easier if I could call them instead. Ordered this kit for my 05 Sunfire and it bolted right on without any issues.

Other than that it all goes on very smoothly. Bought the kit a year ago, wanted to put some KMs on the car to really see what she is made of before I do a review. The kit is really great if you want some quick horsepower. It comes with everything you will need but the oil dipstick tube for the LSJ motors.

It was pretty simple to put together, however some mechanic knowledge did help alot. The only real issue I had was tuning it. The place I went to, local to me had a hard time figuring out the injectors specs as there is very little information about them, luckily ZZP Support was really quick to send the specs and the tune was done.

The car makes over HP over stock and so far lasted kms in the harsh weather up north. Let's see how much HP I can scrap up. Overall, I am very happy with the product! Has everything you need to get your car up and running except the tune very good kit. View account.Chances are when you think about a FWD Mitsubishi Lancer, "high-performance" isn't the first thing that comes to mind.

RRM SX4 turbo 4

We don't blame you. Straight off the assembly line, the Lancer 2.

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Nothing about it screams for attention, and for most people who end up buying one it gets the job done just fine as a safe, slow commuter car. However, all hope is not lost for FWD Lancer owners.

Rob Tallini and his team over at Road Race Motorsports are passionate about modifying off-beat cars, and they have a long history of tuning up all sorts of vehicles to prove it.

Right off the bat, Rob knew this Lancer needed some more guts to really improve the character of the car. He and his guys quickly got to work fabricating a custom turbo kit, and what they came up with is now the only complete kit available for the 2.

Consisting of a 16gGT3 turbo, tubular manifold, intercooler, downpipe and all the plumbing, the RRM kit is good for hp at the crank, which is quite a noticeable bump over the stock output of hp. Rob has more than 25 years of racing experience, having driven everything from road race to rally, Formula Ford and even go-karts. If there's one thing he knows from all his experience behind the wheel, it's that power without control is a dangerous combination.

To address the issue of controlling the newly found power in the Lancer, a major suspension overhaul was initiated. Using a set of custom TEIN coilovers as a starting point, RRM designed and built front and rear sway bars, a lower tie bar, a custom crossmember reinforcement and a four-point half rollcage to help stiffen the chassis. These modifications have changed the feeling of this once mundane family commuter sedan into a no-holds-barred, all-business, race-ready machine.

Furthermore, stock wheels and tires would simply not suffice-not only are they nasty-looking, but the major chassis upgrades and turbo kit meant the car would need some more serious rubber to really take advantage of RRM's modifications. Black Enkei RPF1s sized at 19x8. Rotora four-piston front brakes drastically improve stopping power as well, because we all know you have to slow down sometimes. For the exterior aesthetic changes, the first step was a fresh coat of silver metallic paint.

The classic and clean color, along with the black wheels, set the tone perfectly for all the carbon-fiber upgrades provided by Carbontrix. A CF front lip, splitter, grille and paint-matched hood accented by the unmistakable front-mount intercooler give the front end of this Lancer a menacing look; you won't pass this car without looking at least twice. On the back side, the car is outfitted with a nice custom rear diffuser, spoiler and black housing taillights, which look right at home with the car's monochromatic color theme.

Top it off with the custom one-of-a-kind, center-exit RRM exhaust and you'd have to be a fool to write this off as a typical Lancer. Move to the interior and you'll be greeted by a pleasant and subtle arrangement of tasteful and functional upgrades.

rrm turbo kit dart

A pair of Megan Racing reclineable seats and Schroth harnesses keep the driver and passenger held tightly in place, and the rear seat was kept intact to avoid unnecessary attention from Officer Jack. A Zeitronix touch-screen HUD provides the driver with critical numbers, whether it be during a track event or on the street. On that note, we should mention that, yes, this car is daily driven. They didn't use the already available and easily modable Evolution X, instead showing that a regular Lancer that most people use as a daily commuter can be built into a very capable and willing car, even if it's just powered by two wheels.

That's one thing we never thought we would say about the other Mitsubishi Lancer.

RRM SX4 turbo 4

Engine Modifications Road Race Motorsports Lancer turbo kit including 16gGT3 turbo, tubular manifold, intake, front-mount intercooler, intercooler piping, downpipe; Tial 38mm external wastegate; RRM custom turbo spark plugs, one-off 2.

Drivetrain RRM Stage 1 clutch and pressure plate, external transmission cooler. The first EVO sold stateside was the eighth-generation platform that first appeared at dealerships in Currently in it's 10th generation, the Lancer EVO has proved it's worth in all types of racing, from rally to time attack and everything in between.

With a host of high-performance suspension bits and Brembo brakes, the Final Edition serves as the sendoff to the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution nameplate.Reverse Actuator. RPM now has the coil over bearing kit. Compounding over your factory turbo charger has been proven to provide cooler EGT? Road Race Motorsport Turbo kit for 2. Ummmm ptuning and dezod both have kits that provide around wheel horsepower. Billet turbo options will have a longer lead time, please contact prior to ordering for more exact lead time quote.

I spent 0. External Wastegate. An upgraded clutch is mandatory for the manual transmission cars. All of the things that are standard on our kit cost you thousands extra with the competition. This means things like downpipes, headers if you have themetc all bolt up just like factory.

Are you ready for an over WHP street car? The ATP kit meets the enthusiast in the middleEvents. Canadian Customer? Go to our Canadian Store. Go ahead, join us and aggregate your contents without limitations! Turbonetics Turbo systems are for you, whether you have a four cylinder sport compact or a V-8 muscle car, these systems include everything you need from fuel and ignition to piping and fittings for complete bolt Twin Turbo Header Downpipe Kit For Chevy C10 Truck SBC Small Block.

Check out our YouTube channel for even more tech tips, installation videos, how-tos, and more. So, I just went through the forums over at club4g.

rrm turbo kit dart

This is a complete bolt on supercharger kit for your FWD 2. Direct bolt on this turbo charger. All you need is that kit, exhaust and hondata and you golden. Utilizing many authentic GM Parts and Accessories, this kit is easy to install and has that factory equipment fit and finish. We based our kits on the Xona Rotor turbocharger that has brought us incredible reliability, unmatched performance, and the ability to retain the electronic waste gate actuator in anAlso available with the turbo kit is our AGP Fuel Kit.

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Blow off Valve. Once you get the hang of it it is easy to use. The finished design has been completed as per photos below. Installs long and cold or short and hot. Jeep Renegade 2. It looks like everything is coming together in regards to the "big power" aftermarket.

You can buy factory price electric turbo kit from a great list of reliable China electric turbo kit manufacturers, suppliers, traders or plants verified by a third-party inspector.

Welcome To TurboKits.com!

So a Rotora six pot big brake kit has been installed, and sits behind a set of BBS wheels. Yes instead of buying a turbo kit for 5k just selling it n buy a 60k challenger.

You will need to cut into the exhaust and direct the exhaust flow into the Join us in our friendly forum to discuss remote turbos, supercharger kits and any other imaginableThis remote mount single turbo kit gives you the groundwork to install a patented remote mounted turbocharger on almost any vehicle. TheTurboEngineers GmbH is a dynamic and highly innovative turbocharger engineering company, specialized in production of motorsport turbochargers.

The RPM-Motorsports 2. Pcgs 68ppq. I'm quite sure of this because recently, I contacted RRM regarding another aftermarket part for my Kizashi. Brake cooling ducts keep the brakes at a safe temperature, and a strut tower bar in the front helps the Tein coliovers to do their job of letting this Lancer carve some corners.The Dodge Dart has been around for decades in various forms. Then, almost 40 years later, the manufacturer rolled out another line of vehicles under the Dart brand. Aftermarket Dart parts and systems that are commonly installed for this reason include: coiloversintake mechanismshigh-efficiency exhaust systems and intercoolersamong others.

Enjuku Racing carries a wide selection of racing-inspired Dodge Dart upgrades for new-generation vehicles. Our Dodge Dart performance parts are designed to provide great reliability and functionality. Consequently, they have value as parts for making standard repairs and car adjustments. However, the elite performance and looks the parts offer is what distinguishes them most.

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Consequently, drivers who install our parts typically want more than reliable parts that function well. They want parts that help transform the Dart into a customized, head-turning driving machine. Some car tuners spend hours surfing the web, looking for aftermarket performance parts—and they often end up buying parts from more than one seller.

In terms of time and money, this situation signals the need to find a single parts source whose components can accommodate practically all of your car customization project goals. Enjuku Racing is this type of parts supplier. Plus, we accept custom orders.

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If you need help with parts selection, call our questions line at We look forward to supplying you with the best Dodge Dart upgrades to suit your needs! Shop by price. Best Sellers in this Category. Learn More Compare. Current Stock:. Choose Options.